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“Small Company, BIG RESULTS”

(850) 421-3535

At Harrison Commercial Properties, our goal is simple; to provide the most efficient and highest quality service to our customer. Period.

We do things a little different. Brokering commercial properties is all that we do. All of our resources are focused on marketing properties for sellers and landlords or representing buyers, tenants and developers. We do not manage properties. Our expenses do not include expensive offices or other luxuries that take resources away from our clients. Instead, we make the investment in marketing, market research and cultivating the relationships it takes to close transactions. Our support staff is marketing people, not clerks or receptionists.

Our brokerage staff is intimately familiar with the market. We have decades of business and development experience. This experience gives us an insightful advantage in understanding our clients' perspective. It is important to remember that we were once clients also.

We invite you to try Harrison Commercial Properties for your commercial real estate needs. I know you will be well pleased.

George H. Harrison III, Broker